Monday, November 24, 2008

The River, Part I

I saw her! It was the child-woman that I had been looking so forward to experiencing. And she saw me … our eyes met and she walked over. She stripped down and walked into the river, the river that always feels so warm to animals and so cold to humans. I also let my raiment fall and be tucked gently into the indentation my feet had made in the tall grasses. I slowly walked toward the river, watching her gently swirling the water around her body, the bottoms of her wings sodden and shrinking at the touch of cold. I reached the bank and took a few breaths, feeling the mud oozing between my toes, before entering the water myself. I was still watching her, the sunlight glistening off the water onto her skin, her cropped hair so black against her pale, smooth skin. She reached a hand out toward me and I grasped it. She pulled me closer and we were swimming … only swimming … for eternity.

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