Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Rising Moon is Sinking

A moon as red as the rich loam of the earth
The sailors had never seen a sight like this
Like a ball of lava rising up from the ocean floor
But instead of rising, it was sinking
As it sank, it hissed and steam rose up
As though from a hot pan placed in water
The end was coming; all could feel it
The sign of the moon surfaced in the sailors' minds
A picture like the one before them
The meaning of it was lost unto them
Until now, until this, until the falling of the moon from the sky
Until the sinking of the moon in the sea
Until the end of moonlight, forever.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


The desert holds my sanity
Scorch is its captive
Music holds my insanity
Love is its comfort

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The sharp tang of the salt hit me like a cargo truck on a busy highway. Almost toppling, I grabbed at the railing by my side. Where in the multiverse did that come from?

A shout, calling my name. "Francesca!" I looked all around, not able to pinpoint the voice. There! A little glimpse of something far below. Under the powder grey boulders piled against each other. There was a small space, big enough to fit ... someone....

"Who are you?" I called back. No answer but the echo repeating itself. "Are, you who are who you?"

Finally the person crawled out. No, not the person. Nothing with that appearance could be called a person. Someone touched my shoulder, startling me. I swung around to find my friend standing there. We were in my bedroom. I looked around, confused. Where had the boulders gone? Where was that ... thing? How did it know my name?

"Francesca, are you okay? You look pale."

"Yeah ... yeah, I'm fine."