Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Presidential Election 08

This year’s election, and every one before it, arose boredom in me. It may have been slightly more interesting that there was the racism involved, but it was not a very noticeable interest. If you notice, Mr. Obama is half-black, half-white. If he was as black as midnight, the government would not have let him become President-Elect. Mr. Obama also has a sneaky look on his face that I don’t like.

If the election was really as open to change as so thought, there would be more diversity. Is it not contrary that one of the runners-up for the election was a white woman, another a half-black man? It seems almost planned. You’d think that there should be a Mexican or an Asian, maybe even someone such as a Cuban.

Mr. McCain looks like a child molester. He grosses me out and I hope he croaks off, soon.

People are always saying that you can’t complain unless you vote. Look at the options we have to vote for. They are all freaks. They belong in a circus. I have never voted and I never will.

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