Thursday, October 29, 2009


Memories happen again
Not a year and a day
Not hard to be soft
Strength the eighth card
I feel you in me
I see me in you
Winter is dead?
It is just warming up.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Would It Be So Bad?

Hiding. I'm hiding. You are hiding.
We turn our faces away.
But no way is there to
keep from seeing that
we are all the same.
I am hiding this and you are hiding that.
Yet I know what you are hiding and you know what I am.
What if we relaxed our necks, stopped facing the other way?
What if we saw face forward, head on, what we were all hiding?
Would the world explode?
Or would we all start crying and laughing with the relief?
I fear my fear of fear.
The fear of showing myself,
all the parts of me that I can't see.
If I bore my soul and my body to you,
what would the reaction tell?
Would you back away slowly or come and hug me?
I would like to say I'm going to stop hiding and start showing,
but that is what I cannot promise.
Maybe in the end I will gain the courage
to give you courage the same.