Monday, April 13, 2009


"Rub the oil into your hand," says Pahu.
I rub the oil, granted by the red candle, into my hand. Pahu stops me.
"That's enough."

The next day, I find her under the Tree, our meeting place. There is silence, but for the breeze, pushing at the wild grass and the branches of the Tree. I sit a little away from Pahu, my lovely friend.
After a while, the sweet silence is broken by Pahu, as she says, "You've done well. Now it is time for me to train myself, as I've trained you."
We bow and touch cheeks.
She walks down to the sea, stops for just two moments at the shore, and sinks into the sand.

The following day, the dolphins screamed.


Jeff said...

Wow. Most excellent!

Shoshona said...

Thank you much, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

I think it sucks! Wait... where am I?

Shoshona said...

You're in your own little world.