Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock-Ello Baby

The past is a cradle, weeping in the dark.
Burning hairdryer and hints of an un-washable stain.
When a hamper is put under duress, it is better to just smile and wait. The stressor is soon to see the truth, bear no worry on that.

A squire may study, though that makes not his wisdom. He must first face the pain he has begun to adhere to. Only then is he to be able to see the brilliance of the dark red blood.
Soon the past will become the future and we will not forget it.


Sam said...

Word verification: packlesc. What does this mean? "Honey-babe, that backpack you're wearing looks particularly packlesc on you tonight."

Shoshona said...

It means essence of the packle. And we all know that packles are very essential to the lives of the Yedets.

Krsha said...

Yes, we do. Although we didn't. Until we said so. WV: mampeas