Friday, December 5, 2008


I saw a penguin made of fire. His name was Kagi. He liked to fly around and get pats on the head. He loved to sit under the full moon next to ... the fire. He was a good friend of mine. I know that somewhere, he is happy and very fiery. Sleep safe, Kagi.


Anonymous said...

I love the mental image of a penguin made of fire! Very evocative.

Just one question, though: When fire sits next to a fire, does the fire get warm, or is it the fire? The mind boggles, then bursts into flame. "I'm melting," says the mind, just before it jumps in the lake. Oh crud. Too late. Guh. Guh. Guhsundheit.

[cue high-pitched whining sound]

Thank you. Thank you vey muh.

[cue applause]

[cue fireworks]

[cue ball]

[cue insane laughter]

[fade to black]

[fade to white]

[fade to faded denim]

Shoshona said...

Yesh, thank you. But seriously, I knew a penguin named Kagi. Kagi is Japanese for fire.

To answer your question, the fire is the fire getting warm from the fire.

willow said...

I love your beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by the Manor. I really do read and enjoy all my comments. ;^)

Shoshona said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the wonderful comment, Willow. I really loved your blog, thought it was beautiful. I will be reading your posts as much as I can and posting comments, as well. Much love, Shoshona Lastbreath